Tadokoro Hamono W2 165mm Deba

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Know as one of the best sharpeners in all of Japan and considered to be the best sharpener in all of Sakai.  From Tosa with more then 25 years experience sharpening and finishing blades. He studied under Morihiro -San. Starting training at just 15 years old.  Recently he has received a asteemed Omotenashi award for his high quality. His blades are all forged by Nakagawa-san apprentice to Kenichi Shiraki of Shiraki Hamono, known for making some of the best Honyaki and having incredible heat treat of Ginsan. 

All Sakai Knives edge lengths are measured tip to machi. 

Length - 309 mm (12.1 in.)

Weight - 322 g (11.3 oz)

Edge Length - 170 mm (6.75 in.)

Heel Height - 52 mm

Steel Type - White ( Shirogami ) #2

HRC - 61- 63

Cladding - Soft Iron

Bevel -  Single

Handle - Rosewood and Buffalo Horn Octagonal 

Please do not cut frozen foods or bones with these knives.

Always wash with a cloth and warm soapy water and dry after use 

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