Ken Kageura

   Kageura-San was born in 1941, he is a 25th generation blacksmith.  Starting blacksmithing at 16 years old, he has over 65 years experience.  He has since retired and every once in awhile he gets the itch to make a couple blades. He was the local blacksmith for Yusuhara and has always made kitchen knives and hunting knives.

  His Damascus knives are very unique and all hand made.  He only uses recycled materials for his Damascus cladding.  He will often take a railroad tie, some copper, wire, and or a shovel get them how and forge weld them together.  He then folds and folds and folds to get the desired layers.  

  The benefit of making Damascus this way besides being incredibly hard and forgewelds failing often, when done correctly the patterns in the Damascus have many different colors and will oxidize different colors.

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