Nigara Hamono SG2 165mm Tsuchime Suminagashi K-Tip Nakiri

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  Nigara Forging has been around for 350 years starting by making swords for Tsugaru clan in the early Edo period. They are incredible sword makers and still make them today. There is a huge history and technique that is passed down from generation to generation at Nigara. They branched off into knife making after the wars ended and there isn't the need for swords, but they still make some today.

   They specialize in powdered steels and high speed steels.  Making functional art with great patterns, designs, and damascus. The blacksmiths at Nigara focusing on knives are younger and very innovative. Their knives look great and perform great also. Buying a Nigara Hamono knife means your buying a piece of history.

  The Tsuchime Damascus line are incredibly beautiful.  They are slightly taller then other lines, and have a great taper.  These knives truly turn heads.

Length - 323 mm (12.7 in.)

Weight - 148 g (5.2 oz)

Edge Length - 167 mm (6.6 in.)

Heel Height - 51 mm

Steel Type - R2/SG2

HRC - 63 - 64

Cladding - Stainless

Bevel - Double

Handle - Rosewood Octagonal 

Please do not cut frozen foods or bones with these knives.

Always wash with a cloth and warm soapy water and dry after use 

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