Third Generation Munetoshi is all made by 71 year old blacksmith Kouiti Turumaki. 
He learned everything from his father and has been blacksmith for over 56 years
Turumaki-san specializes in Shirogami steel primarily making heavy duty blades like axes.
He hand laminates and hand finishes all of the knives he makes.  All knives are water quenched. The heat treat is absolutely amazing, which causes excellent edge retention. Many people say they cut as well as Shigefusa and Kato. Fit and finish are not his thing his focus is solely on making a knife perform to the best of his ability. These knives can take a beating, they are built strong and can handle all day use. To be honest at the price point these knives are at it is simply unheard of to have a completely handmade blade, especially one that performs so well.  

Here at we are honored to be selling them. 

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