West Japan Tool High Carbon Saute Pan

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Another project from knife sharpening master and knife maker Takayuki Shibata. Don't you hate when you put food in your saute pan and it looses heat.  Well these high carbon saute pans hold their temperature incredibly well.  Made for a single piece of steel. Cast iron has nothing on this pan.  They are great for searing fish or steaks, caramelizing vegetables, and just about anything you can do with a saute pan. They are even great in the oven. Takayuki Shibata spent 4 years working on this pan, drawing inspiration from the curves of a Porsche 911 for the handle.

Bottom Diameter - 9.5"

Top Diameter - 11.75"

Weight - 3 Lbs 14 oz

Thickness - 3 mm 

Like a cast iron pan it should be seasoned before use. To clean simply scrap out left over food. If its very dirty and food is stuck to it, use some kosher salt and oil the scrub gently. If you do wash it in the sink with soap in water season it again before use. Each pan comes with instructions on how to season it. 

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