Ohira #30 Asagi Medium Natural Whetstone

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  It is one of the better ones i've seen in terms of shape and size. A nagura stone is recommended to aid in creating some slurry. This stone is great for knives, razors, and tools. These stones are mined in Kyoto Japan. Natural whetstones wear much slower then synthetic stones. This stone will last years if not tens of years.

This particular stone is a prime example very flat face, not many inclusions, and almost no cracking.


Length - 8.1"

Width - 3.1"

Thickness - 1.6"

Hardness - 3 - 4

Grit - 8,000 - 10,000

Weight - 3 Lbs 10.5 Oz

All of our Natural stones are bought directly from the only couple mines still available, they are all tested and certified authentic before being purchased.

Some stones have defects and inclusions. we cannot guarantee perfect shape and wearing. All sales are final on natural stones.


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