Masakage Mizu 180mm Gyuto

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 Masakage knives are a co-operative of Takefu knife village. Some of the makers include Anryu-san, Kato-san, and Kurosaki-san.  All of Masakage knives are made to great specifications.

  Mizu translates to water. This water quenched Aogami #2 knife is decorated with a plastic ferrule meant to look like moving water.

 Length - 320 mm (12.6 in.)

Weight -112 g (3.9 oz)

Edge Length - 180 mm (7.1 in.)

Heel Height - 40 mm

Steel Type - Blue (Aogami) #2

HRC - 61-63

Cladding - Carbon Steel

Bevel - Double Bevel

Handle - Cherry Oval

Maker - Ikeda-San 

Please do not cut frozen foods or bones with these knives.

Always wash with a cloth and warm soapy water and dry after use 

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