Manaka Blue #1 Sanmaiuchi Damascus 210mm Gyuto Custom #1

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A relatively young blacksmith born in 1983. Kisuke-San trained for 9 years before he moved onto his own. He claims to have self taught mastery of stainless steel forging and heat treatment. All of his knives are forge welded in house using the Warikomi method.

This new line is truly remarkable from Kisuke. He forge welds Aogami #2 and soft iron together. Then folds them together to make this beautiful Damascus pattern. Then forge welding a bar of Aogami #1 for the core makes this knife have incredible edge retention not to mention they are made in very limited quantities, finished by hand, made by hand, and all done by the hands of Kisuke himself.

Length - 359 mm (14.1 in.)

Weight - 204 g (7.2 oz)

Edge Length - 215 (8.5 in.)

Heel Height - 50 mm

Steel Type - Blue (Aogami) #1

HRC- 64-66

Cladding - Aogami #2 and Soft Iron Damascus

Bevel - Double Bevel

Handle - Faux Ivory, Turqouise Trutsone, Maple Burl Custom Octagonal

(Custom handles often have inclusions or small imperfections. We make sure every handle is structurally sound before install.  All of our handles are handcrafted)

Please do not cut frozen foods or bones with these knives.

Always wash with a cloth and warm soapy water and dry after use 

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