Idle Knives

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 First let me introduce myself. My name is Dustin Swaciak, I am the owner of along with my wife Tamara. I am a chef of 15 years an avid knife collector and now we sell them.

Anyway to get back on topic "Idle Knives." What are you doing with you knives these days and how is that going?  We are located in Buffalo New York well Lancaster but if you lived around here you would understand.  The world is shut down. Its pretty surreal.  Yes I am still working but I'm not in the kitchen and before you ask yes I'm still cooking. Am i really still cooking though?  Yes i cook for my wife and we have made a bunch of things I don't normally make everyday in the restaurant. Like fried chicken & waffles, perogies, homemade pasta, just a lot of things I don't do regularly. I am not cooking for 150 a night though. Can it be the same? I find myself sharpening a lot I mean a lot.  

Things are real right now and a little crazy and unstable. Just a example of how crazy things are we went to Walmart the other night and they refused to sell us a waffle maker because its considered non-essential. 

I decided to write this to talk about the difficulties many of us are facing not going to work.  Forget the money I am more worried do you loose your skill, what does the restaurant industry look like after, does your restaurant come back?  Yes many of us that are good will find jobs easy once we open back up, but will fine dining every be the same?  Are all of our patrons going to be too nervous to sit near people, or to let a server touch their plate. 

Well thanks for reading my first blog post.  I am a chef not a writer but i wanted to talk. Ask yourselves are you knives idle or are they working.   Please be safe and healthy.  



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